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Donor databases typically contain incomplete or missing information that can be vital to understanding the basis of an organization's support. To capture these insights, we deploy advanced surveys to enhance the level of knowledge you have about your existing donors. These enhancement surveys can collect information about your donors' underlying political, religious, and motivational characteristics. 

This information, in turn, can be analyzed to generate important insights about your donors and used to formulate effective communication strategies to your donor base. 

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All organizations can describe their donors. However, most organizations cannot identify with precision the donor attributes that have the greatest impact on their financial support or differentiate between distinct types of donors. Utilizing a range of predictive data analytics techniques, we can provide you with this level of detail about your donor base.

The insights generated from these analyses will be instrumental in helping you retain your existing donors and identifying opportunities to considerably expand your donor base.     

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Fundraising campaigns often do not experience the same level of success. Behind this variation in results are important contextual factors that determine the degree to which a campaign can be successful. Using a variety of research tools such as content analysis, we can identify what precisely contributed to the past successes of your fundraising campaigns.

The insights gleaned from these analyses will help you replicate your most successful campaigns and avoid problems from previous fundraising efforts. 

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Intelligence about your donors are less impactful if they cannot be easily shared with the rest of your organization or are not up to date. To capitalize on the full value of data analytics, we design and deploy interactive and multi-layered dashboards of your key donor and fundraising campaign metrics based on our extensive analyses of your organization. These dashboards are also updated each quarter.   

These dashboards will help every member of your organization track key performance metrics and easily adapt your donor outreach and fundraising efforts to important shifts in your donor base. 

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Virtually every grant has a significant data component that requires professional data management and evaluation services. In order for your grant proposals to be competitive, you need to have detailed plans

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