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2019 Non-profit Giving Trends

Charitable giving is a dynamic enterprise. How non-profits sustain and grow their donor base is always evolving, particularly as they seek to establish relationships with new groups of donors including those from Generational Z. Below is some of the giving trends for 2019 graciously compiled by Winspire.

- There was a 40% year-over-year increase in monthly subscription-based donations

throughout 2018. These types of donations are expected to continue to increase.

- Approximately 28% of donors were interested in donating by email compared to only 6% in


- Non-profits that segment their subscriber list and customize their email campaign to each

segment see 760% more revenue than those non-profits that don't segment and tailor

their message.

- Generation Z shows remarkable interest in the work of non-profits. 30% of this generation

have already donated to a non-profit and approximately 10% want to start their own non- profit.

- Online messages with a video are remembered by 95% of viewers. Only 10% of viewers

remember text-based messages.

Keep these trends in mind as you consider your funding campaigns and how to reach out to your donors, particularly how to segment your donors.

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